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Teen Residential Rehab

Teen Residential Rehab

Clearfork Academy is a leading teen residential rehab facility with high-end amenities, excellent academic programs, and effective treatments and therapies. It is one of the best rehabs with exclusive treatments and therapies designed around patients' needs and schedules.

Why should you choose Clearfork rehab for teens in Fort Worth?

Clearfork offers the best Fort worth adolescents rehabilitation program designed around teenagers' physical, psychological, academic, and spiritual needs. They provide financial aids for parents who require help with paying for their child's rehab treatment.

It is one of the few Christ-centered rehabs for teenagers in Texas with evidence-based clinical interventions. They have an experienced team of clinical staff working 24/7 to help your teenage son break free from the clasps of addiction and they have outstanding success with each treatment.

Types of treatments offered at Clearfork

Clearfork offers four types of addiction treatment for teens in a high-end facility set in a serene and breath-taking locale. You may choose one of these treatment options based on your teenager's needs and recovery goals:

  • Medical Detox – A form of medication-assisted treatment for adolescents suffering from moderate to severe addiction, helping them overcome withdrawal and recover fast and effectively.

  • Residential treatment – Clearfork offers 13 weeks of tailored treatment with client-centered clinical intervention in a ranch-style environment. They also have a fully licensed high school in partnership with the University of Texas charter school.

  • Academic sober living – It is a long-term program offering the best quality high-school education to equip patients with essential skills and values for a drug-free life after rehab.

  • Intensive outpatient – This treatment provides up to 10 hours of individual, group, and family therapies each week either online or in person. 

They also offer excellent aftercare programs to strengthen and solidify their alumni patients' commitment to sobriety in the long-term. Parents who are unable to afford rehab treatment may also apply for financial aid at the Clearfork website.

Benefits of placing your teen at Clearfork

Teen drug abuse is one of the most dangerous health situations, affecting their long-term cognitive abilities and mental wellness. This facility offers the best Fort Worth teens and adolescent residential treatment and equips teenagers with critical life skills, coping mechanisms, and other vital tools to combat cravings and triggers. Some of the  benefits of joining the drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers include:

  • Christ-centered programs in a ranch-style environment exclusively for adolescent boys aged between ages 13 and 18. The treatments include faith-based 12-step groups, daily prayer and reflection sessions, scripture readings, and bible-study sessions, all of which help solidify your teenager's moral resolve and provide them with a solid spiritual framework.

  • Treatments tailored around each teenager's unique addiction needs and recovery goals, which helps identify and treat the underlying causes of addiction.

  • The best academic program for high-schoolers, allowing teenagers to participate in school alongside addiction treatment and preparing them for a successful life after rehab.

Contact Clearfork Academy at 866-650-5212 for the best teen residential rehab treatment. They understand adolescents' psychological, educational, emotional, and physical needs better than anybody and help them embrace sustainable sobriety through Christ-centered treatments and therapies.

Teen Residential Rehab
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Teen Residential Rehab
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