Skilled Nursing Facility Belle Fourche Sd

Skilled Nursing Facility Belle Fourche Sd

For your short term care needs, look no further than Rolling Hills Healthcare. Our skilled nursing facility in Belle Fourche, SD, will work with the rehabilitation plan from your doctor and have you on the path to success in no time. Contact us today for a tour.

Skilled nursing facility versus a nursing home

For some, you can use the terms interchangeably. However, when most people hear the words “nursing home," a short term facility is not what they have in mind. Most people think of a nursing home as a long term facility and a permanent residence for older persons. While that is true, that is not the only definition for the term. The term nursing home can also mean a skilled nursing facility. Both offer 24/7 nursing care to their residents.

The other difference between the two is one is for short term care, and the other is for long term care. In a short term facility, the objective is to help the individual relearn skills or make any needed adjustments so they can return to their home and independent living. In a long term facility, the individual will not return to independent living, and the facility is now their permanent home.

Tips for choosing a skilled nursing facility

Before selecting a facility, do your research to make sure the place is of the highest quality. Look for these things during your search and your tour.

  • Staff turnover rate - a well-run facility will employ the same staff for years.
  • The appearance of the residents - do they look clean and well-groomed?
  • Cleanliness and a facility free of strong smells - does the entire facility look clean? Can you smell urine or other bodily fluids?
  • Planned activities for the residents - does the team want to keep the residents engaged outside of their rehab activities?

There are a variety of other aspects to consider when picking a skilled nursing facility. Still, these are a few salient points. Our skilled nursing facility in Belle Fourche, SD, welcomes all these questions from prospective residents and their families.

Why would one need a skilled nursing facility?

Skilled nursing facilities are for individuals who have needs they cannot address in their home. People who need feeding tube changes and complex wound dressing changes are prime candidates for short term nursing facilities. Once those issues resolve, the individual can return home.

Other candidates for skilled nursing facilities are those recovering from conditions such as a stroke, broken hip, or a heart attack. Once the patient heals and learns new skills in the short term facility, they can return home.

Leaving your skilled nursing facility

Once an individual is at the point in their recovery that they can live independently again, they can leave the skilled nursing facility. For some, this takes longer than others. There are cases when a person is not able to leave. At that point, they would want to seek a long term nursing home facility.

Let the team at Rolling Hills Healthcare take care of your loved one at the best-skilled nursing facility in Belle Fourche, SD! Contact us for your tour today.

Skilled Nursing Facility Belle Fourche Sd
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Skilled Nursing Facility Belle Fourche Sd
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