San Diego Detox

San Diego Detox

If you saw someone on the street passed out or lighting a joint in the corner, you may start to wonder ‘why don’t they seek help for the addiction?’ The addition is a serious issue that has engulfed most individuals these days. Out of peer pressure or emotional trauma, young individuals take to alcohol and drugs to circumvent their problems. When this reaches out of limits, they develop the habit of continually feeding their system with intoxicating substances.

According to recent statistics, around 23 million in the United States are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Out of these many addicts, only 10% of them seek to receive help for their condition. This means that about 20 million individuals are deprived of the necessary measures to help them recover from alcohol addiction.

Addiction has detrimental effects on the lives of individuals influenced by it. Addiction is progressive and compulsive. Addicts who fall into the cycle of addiction are suffering from a variety of health risks that could even be fatal in most cases. A study says that each day more than 100 people die from alcohol and drug issue.

With its potential pitfalls and fatal health risks, people should consider seeking help for recovery at San Diego detox, but why don’t they? According to a survey done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 96% of people addicted to substance abuse don’t feel the need to receive help. The remaining 4% of people wanted to receive the treatment, but they did not make an active effort or were deprived of the treatment.

So Why Don’t People With Addiction Get The Treatment?

  • Denial to accept the drug as a source of the problem
    Denial to accept that substances like drugs and alcohol do a lot of damage to life and is a primary cause not to seek help from addiction. Abusers are living under a false facade that alcohol and drugs can help them overcome their problems. They try to reconcile themselves with the fallacious benefits of alcohol and drug abuse without realizing that these substances are the core reason for their problems, to begin with.
  • Feeling humiliated
    Most individuals sometimes are aware of the pitfalls involved with consuming alcohol and drugs but still go back to abusing them. Individuals find it difficult to admit that they need a form of recovery to stay away from substance abuse. Societal conditions and the stigma surrounding addiction can cause addicts to feel shameful and humiliated in many cases.
  • Fear of receiving rehab
    Most individuals fear withdrawal symptoms because of the side effects they bring. Recovery requires individuals to put its effort and stay committed to the process. Most addicts are not willing to do so. They instead go back to being an addict and start abusing the substances that are the source of all their problems.

Dana Point Rehab Campus is a San Diego detox center that understands the plight of these substance abusers.  To those who want to recover from addiction, we will be more than happy to help you. To reach us, dial 1-877-349-2391 or visit our website.

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