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Religion Based Sex Addiction Treatment

Religion Based Sex Addiction Treatment

You might be aware of all the damage caused by addiction to pornography and wonder why should try to treat it with Boulder Recovery, or maybe you do not even know all negative impact is is making in your life.

Anyway, let us review some of the reasons why you must consider reaching out for a porn addiction treatment in Boulder. Specifically the one we offer you, Christ-centered.

Why Boulder Recovery?

  1. It not only affects you, but also your partner, your family and friends would probably be harmed by your utilitarian attitude towards them, by your lack of affection and your intimacy issues at the point of causing trouble in all your relationships.
  2. Porn addiction causes a neurological imbalance. When consuming porn, you segregate dopamine, known as the “happiness hormone”. This illusion of happiness will soon be gone, and you are going to catch yourself looking for it again, and again, and again… And everything you watch is going to be more explicit, violent, dehumanizing. It is a scientific or biological disorder created by an unnatural stimule.
  3. Pornography and Christians can not go hand-by-hand. Pornography is not compatible with what the Gospel teaches us. This is, that everyone is worthy of love and we must love each just as Jesus loved us first.
  4. And it is not only an issue because of the use we give to others' bodies, but the way our own body is being used for other purposes that were not given to us when created -loving and being loved-, by acting against our nature or essence a deep wound is being created, all around our sense of life.
  5. As serious as it sounds, only the greatest King is capable of healing our hearts from the wounds that remain of our sins and its effects. The Gospel explains it very clearly when it says He is capable of renewing all of the things.
  6. When looking for help for porn-addicted christian is convenient not only to reach out for a treatment based on spirituality. It is important, of course. But, we need to understand that as with all addictions it has actual incidence not only in our heart or soul, but also in our minds and even bodies. For this reason, it is necessary to get a holistic treatment, based on biology and psychology too!

Start your recovery process today!

As you may have realized Boulder Recovery is the absolute best option when looking for someone to help you with porn addiction, intimacy disorders or sex addiction therapist for men in Boulder, Colorado. One of the things that clearly distinguishes us is that we also offer support for partners, being the only ones with this service included in North America.

This will be a tough path to walk through, but it will certainly be the foremost decision when struggling with porn or other bad habits. You will be accompanied by the greatest team of professionals and, most importantly, by God itself. He will never let you down!

Let us pray for you. If you feel ashamed about your problem, don’t! We’ve been there ourselves, and we want to share with you how Christ - and Christ alone - can change your life. Link(s): 

Religion Based Sex Addiction Treatment
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Religion Based Sex Addiction Treatment
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