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Pet Waste Removal Phoenix

Pet Waste Removal Phoenix

Before you hire an agency for pet waste removal in Phoenix, make sure the company you choose has the right credentials. Consider making a call to USA Poop Scoop if you need someone you can rely on for professional dog poop service in Phoenix, AZ- not all poop scoop services are actual agencies. You can avoid the hassles that come from working with fly-by-night companies by scheduling a clean-up session with our expert technicians from USA Poop Scoop.

3 Reasons Why USA Poop Scoop is the Best Pet Waste Removal in Phoenix

1. Are you worried about your pooper scooper leaving the gate open when they leave your property? That won’t be a problem when you hire USA Poop Scoop as your Phoenix area pooper scooper. We double check the gate before we leave to ensure your beloved pet will not get out. Our poop scoop specialists are highly trained and experienced in the work we do, so you can rest easy if you need to schedule a visit for a time when you’re away from home.

2. All of our employees are background-checked for your peace of mind. Choose us for secure Phoenix dog waste removal without the added worry about who’s walking around on your property and in close proximity of your home. You’ll know that our technicians have arrived when you see us in uniforms and hats while servicing your home. All of our workers have IDs in their vehicle that they’re happy to show you upon request.

Under the right conditions, you can leave your dog outside during pet waste removal in Phoenix. Speak with us over the phone and let us know if your dog is comfortable around strangers and whether it’s safe to leave them out during waste pick-up.

3. We can provide dog poop removal for any residential or commercial property and during outdoor events with dogs present. Just let us know a little bit about the situation and we’ll dispatch a team for pet waste removal in Phoenix. Any time you want to enjoy your outdoor space without having to manage poop scoop activities, we can be there, weather permitting.

A poop-free yard is not only more enjoyable for your family and guests, but it’s also better for your lawn. You may have heard advice from someone to ‘not worry’ about dog poop because it’s good fertilizer for the grass, but the fact is, dog waste is high in acid and contains harmful bacteria that should be removed instead of left to leach into the water table.

Affordable Pet Waste Removal in Phoenix

Our weekly poop scoop service is extremely affordable at just $14.50 per visit. Add-on services include all natural odor treatment, patio spray off, and water bowl refills. We’re confident you will find our pet waste solutions a convenient alternative to picking up after your dog and you’ll be left with more time on your hands to relax in your yard with your furry friend. Contact USA Poop Scoop for more information.

Pet Waste Removal Phoenix
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Pet Waste Removal Phoenix
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