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Outpatient Therapy Orange County

Outpatient Therapy Orange County

Here at OC Teen Center, we realize that it is difficult to see your youngster struggle with any disorder. Mental and behavioral issues can keep your young ones from making every moment count and can have a thump on consequences for the entire family. However, treatment can assist your child with conquering negative or meddlesome contemplations, give them better-adapting abilities, deal with any fundamental psychological wellness issue, and restructure their lives. 

OC Teen Center is the ideal child mental health center in Orange County, California. Our center boasts of experienced and top-of-the-line teen psychologists in Orange County. In addition, we offer the best intensive outpatient therapy in Orange County for youths and adolescents with psychological and emotional disorders.

Our Services

Are you in need of pediatric mental health services in Orange County, or you probably want professional adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal to attend to your kids? Consider giving us a call, as our outpatient treatment programs are mainly targeted toward youths and adolescents.

At OC Teen Center, we offer both Outpatient and intensive outpatient therapy for teenagers between the ages of 12-19, struggling with trauma, self-esteem and body image disorders, depression, anxiety, and various other developmental disorders and mental health issues.

The Intensive Outpatient Programs at OC Teen Center address the requirements of teenagers who are best served by multiple therapy sessions daily and weekly. 

We are a complete psychological and mental health center that provides unsurpassed youth therapy in South Carolina and its environs for teens. With substantial years of experience working with mental health, addiction, and disorder issues, we've discovered that using non-traditional and traditional therapies together is most effective for youths and teenagers.

Outpatient Treatment 

At OC Teen Center, we offer the most effective outpatient treatment plan for your teen. This means that you need not worry about staying away from your teen or bothered about them being fully admitted at OC Teen Center; all you need to do is bring your teen for treatment at our center daily or weekly.

Our outpatient treatments vary, as we could provide you with physical and occupational therapy. This, in most cases, often depends on the type of disorder your kid is diagnosed with. In some instances, our team of psychologists and professional therapists could recommend occupational therapy.

Usually, our outpatient therapy program begins by getting your kids assessed by our clinical psychologists to ascertain what disorder your child is being faced with while recommending the ideal form of treatment for your kid.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment(IOP)

Our intensive outpatient programs are typically available weekly in the morning or evening, depending on your schedule. Our treatment plan usually consists of group therapy while also incorporating other services such as personal counseling, psychiatric screening, case management, introduction to support groups, medication management, vocational training, and employment assistance.

Our Intensive Outpatient services usually last for 90 days or more, depending on the severity of addiction your kid suffers from. During this period, your kid is assessed then our therapist creates a special and individualized recovery program based on their recovery process. Our Intensive Outpatient treatment combines group therapy with cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, or the Matrix model to aid your teen recovery process.

Treatment Plan

Over the yearsPediatric mental health services in Orange County are limited, but OC Teen Center has helped redefine youth therapy in South Carolina.

How regularly your teenager gets treatment relies on their treatment plan. Treatment depends on which mental disorder your kid suffers have and its severity. At OC Teen Center, our therapist will work on a treatment plan just for your child, which may involve some therapy and medicine intake. At the same time, some teens might also need social support and education in managing their conditions. However, this depends on whether your teen is enrolled for our outpatient treatment or intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment.

To speak with Admissions or to ask questions, contact us by phone or email. 

Outpatient Therapy Orange County
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Outpatient Therapy Orange County
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