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Developmentally Disabled Group Homes

Do you have a grown child who is developmentally disabled? Group homes are something to consider. In a group setting such as Stonebrook, your adult child can enjoy activities that are stimulating and appropriate to their development. Our staff are kind and patient with all of our residents. Call 304.267.2763 to begin the admissions application.

The decision to place a grown child into any sort of managed living facility is not an easy one. As parents, we want to always nurture and tend to our child's needs, whether they are youngsters or an adult. Some developmentally disabled group homes do not have very nice reputations, and this fact only adds to a caring parent's hesitation. We invite you to come tour our lovely facility in Martinsburg, West Virginia. We are located in a beautiful part of the Blue Ridge Mountains where the air is clean and the views can take your breath away. We actually own and operate seven developmentally disabled group homes in Berkeley County, approximately one and one half hours from Washington, DC.

For nearly twenty five years, we have been providing dignified yet managed living for adults with various debilitating mental, emotional and intellectual conditions. We oversee health care and activities of daily living in a wonderfully caring and nurturing environment. When your adult child with intellectual or emotional disability lives with us, you may visit at any time. Come enjoy a meal with your loved one and see how they've personally decorated their living space. If you're wondering how to pay for our developmentally disabled group homes, don't worry. The West Virginia Waiver program can pay for your loved one's housing and care. Residents are expected to pay for personal expenses and medical care not covered by insurance. If the resident's resources are severely limited, we will work with you to cover some expenses.

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