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Chandler Memory Care

Chandler Memory Care

You may have already visited other Chandler memory care facilities, but Parkland Memory Care is the only memory care center in Phoenix that is truly person-centered, focusing on the individual rather than the tasks at hand. Indeed, this is one of the most important differences between Parkland Memory Care and other assisted living facilities. At other assisted living facilities, each staff member's focus every day is to get their tasks done.

Rather than giving our staff members a daily checklist, Parkland Memory Care empowers our staff to make decisions based on the unique needs and desires of each individual in our care. The best interests and the happiness of each patient is our team's top priority day in and day out.

How We Evaluate Patient Care

The best way to evaluate patient care is through observation. This is very important because, in most places, care is evaluated based on compliance reasons only. Whatever the evaluating person writes down; that is how the care is evaluated. At Parkland Memory Care, the model that we are using puts patient observation at the top of the importance list.

At Parkland Memory Care, our staff is trained to observe engagement systematically. Our staff is constantly watching our residents closely to see if they are engaged. If our residents are engaged - meaning that they have a smile on their faces, they're attending to what's going on, and they are having a good day, then we feel that our job is well done. We have specialized staff that cares for our grounds and other technical aspects of keeping our facilities in tip-top condition. Our patient care technicians are free to provide world-class care.

What is Our Chandler Memory Care Facility Like?

Here, all of the furnishings look like furniture that you would find in a home. When designing our patient apartments, Parkland Memory Care started with a blank piece of paper and tried to think about the people who will be living in them, the people who will be visiting, and the staff who will be working with our patients day-to-day. We planned what needs to be in each room to make it is comfortable and as luxurious as possible for everyone.

The design of our apartments and memory care facility is designed to help people live in the moment. Whether a patient is sitting by a window looking at the beautiful view outside; whether the patient is outside at a bird feeder or anywhere else in Parkland Memory Care; there are always many settings that constantly change. This way, there is always something near the patient that helps them stay anchored in the place and in the moment. The patient may not know how they are, they may not recognize the people around them, and they may not remember what they did on a particular day. They may not even necessarily be able to find their way back to their room. Here, no matter where the patient is; they feel like they belong.

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